Iyov Archive

Here are the complete audio files for the recent series on Iyov.
The first file in this list is the source sheets. Download that first so you can follow along with the audio.
To listen to the audio files, click on the audio links. To download them, right click, press “save link as …,” find where on your computer you would like to save the file, and then click “save.”
If you have any questions or problems, please email me (RebLeib1@gmail.com).


Iyov 1 – “Will the Real Iyov Please Stand Up?”

Iyov 2 – “Hashgacha in a Perfect World”

Iyov 3 – “Answer 1 – Eliphaz – Divine Tests”

Iyov 4 – “Answer 2 – Bildad – A Victim of Statistics?”
The Phone Example: Before the tape started, I shared a recent personal incident with the group, that my new phone – which, unlike my old phone, has internet – became lost soon after I got it, and I surmised that this might possibly (but not definitely) be because I had turned into “one of those people” who uses their phone to check email and sports scores during Chazaras HaShat”z. The ensuing question of whether or to what extent it is proper to attach meaning to such events or occurrences in our lives drove the discussion throughout the tape.

Iyov 5 – “Answer 2 – Bildad (Part 2) – The Man That Will Live in Infamy”

Iyov 6 – “Answers 3 and 4 – Tzofar and Elihu – The Unexamined Raincoat is Not Worth Wearing”

Iyov 7 – “Answer 4 – Elihu (Part 2) – Return of the Lost Soul

Iyov 8 – “A Failure to Communicate: Meet Hashem Again, for the Very First Time”

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