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An Open Letter from a Day School Teacher to His Principal

A work of fiction. I have nothing but respect for my students’ parents, but the concept of the letter below entered my head and appealed to me for its subtle sense of irony. What if, indeed, the teachers were allowed … Continue reading

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‘Till Inclusion Do We Part: A Rejoinder to the Challenge of Orthodox Inclusiveness and Acceptance

I recently read an article by an Orthodox Rabbi whose decision to host a Keshet event at his Shul caused me less anguish than the article he wrote defending that decision. His article can be found here. My response, more … Continue reading

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Frum … Or Krum??? – Thanksgiving

Time once again for our not-at-all-weekly segment exploring issues of relative importance to the Jewish community and whether perceptions and attitudes stack up to the rigors of Halachic analysis (Frum) or kneel at the knees of wisdom and reason (Krum). … Continue reading

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Teens and Tefillah: A Response to Rabbi Jay Goldmintz

Not too long ago I read the fine article “Why Aren’t Our Kids in Shul?” by Rabbi Jay Goldmintz, concerning what many of us increasingly find a losing battle to inspire our teenagers to engage with Tefillah in Shul. I … Continue reading

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My All-Time Favorite Moments in Iggerot Moshe: Sources

For some time now I have delivered intermittent classes for adults on landmark Teshuvot in Iggerot Moshe. I am posting the sources, and in some cases linking to places elsewhere on this site where I have written up notes from the shiur, … Continue reading

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Weekly Feature: Frum … Or Krum?? – A Cappella Music During the Three Weeks

And now it’s time for our somewhat-weekly exploration of trends and whims in the Jewish community and how they stack up to the rigors of intellectual Halachic analysis. This Week’s Entry: An email I received last week from a Jewish … Continue reading

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Weekly Feature: “Frum … or Krum??” – Bug Checker Magnifying Lamp

Now it’s time for our weekly feature “Frum … or Krum??”, in which we debate whether something afoot in the Jewish world is worthy of our time and consideration (Frum) or just another indication that contemporary Orthodoxy is being hijacked … Continue reading

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Tim Tebow and the Convenience of Religious Evangelism

I penned this strange bit of satirical verse a couple of months ago, in the throes of Tebowmania, but I held off on posting it at that time. With the imminent trade of Tebow and the decreasing relevance of the … Continue reading

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Lomdus vs. Skills: A Response to Rabbi Adler of TABC

Here is a letter of mine recently printed in Issue 5:5 of Kol Hamevaser, the “Jewish Thought Magazine of the Yeshiva University Student Body,” in which I responded to their interview with Rabbi Yosef Adler of TABC (5.2, the Education Issue). … Continue reading

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מאבל לאור גדול: Preliminary Thoughts on Joy and Aveilut in Contemporary Jewish Worship

I confess, I am a Minyanaholic, even a bit of a Minyan-snob. I am one of those guys who not only, under normal circumstances, makes a point to be at Minyan, but notices and judges you (yes, you!) if you … Continue reading

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